The Viatris Way: Our Culture

How did we identify the expectations that form The Viatris Way? Learn about the questions we asked ourselves, and how the perspectives and experiences of our colleagues worldwide led us here.
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At Viatris, we are on a mission to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life.

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This is no small ambition.

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To achieve this mission, we have come together to become a simpler, stronger and more focused company with a performance-driven, highly engaging and inclusive culture.

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An important part of our journey is defining how we will work together, what we can and should expect from ourselves and each other to achieve our goals.

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Since November 2020, we have integrated two organizations and learned from each other.

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We met with Viatris leaders and colleagues around the world.

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We collected feedback on how to best collaborate and meet the needs of our patients.

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We continue to execute on our phase one commitments and have collectively developed our phase 2 strategy.

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All while maintaining our high level performance.

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Along the way, we asked ourselves important questions

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when we are at our best, what do we do well?

1:06 - 1:08

What prevents us from achieving success?

1:09 - 1:12

What more is required in order to achieve our mission?

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Listening to people's experiences and perspectives from across the company LED us to where we are today.

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We learn that what makes U.S. special our secret sauce is that we work together, all of us at Viatris.

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Today, we are diving deeper, defining our expectations of ourselves and each other for how we will work together.

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Own it.

1:38 - 1:42

We hold ourselves accountable, act courageously, and embrace challenges.

1:43 - 1:44

Be real.

1:44 - 1:47

We are authentic, candid, and practical.

1:48 - 1:49

Stay agile,

1:50 - 1:54

Encouraging diverse points of view. We adapt quickly and pursue bold ideas.

1:55 - 1:56

Take pride.

1:57 - 2:00

We are passionate, united by our mission and our work.

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At Viatris we perform at our best when we work together the Viatris Way to serve patients while upholding the highest standards of quality, ethics, compliance, integrity and sustainability.

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Our culture binds us together, and each and every one of us has a role to play in building our culture the Viatris Way.

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When we focus on owning it, being real, staying agile and taking pride - When we work together, we are stronger,

2:32 - 2:35

stronger together.